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Monarch Employee Care Fund Application Instructions

The Monarch Employee Care Fund was established to help employees who are facing financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances like a natural disaster, house fire or other emergency, which affects an employee’s ability to meet basic needs.

Please read instructions BEFORE submitting an application.


Email with questions.

  1. Determine if you qualify. Please review the requirements below and choose a qualifying incident.  Your length of service and disciplinary status will be verified by Monarch’s Human Resources.
  2. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. There is no deadline.  Monarch employees may only receive one grant for assistance in any 12-month rolling period. (Example: if you receive a grant on May 1 of one year, you will be eligible for another grant on May 1 of the following year.) 
  3. Complete and sign the application. All pages must be completed, including Section C.
  4. Collect and attach any needed documentation. You must submit proof of the qualifying incident (see each incident description below) and copies of bills or invoices for which you are requesting payment assistance.
  5. Email your application and required documents to or fax to (704) 986-5765 or mail to Monarch Employee Care Fund, 350 Pee Dee Avenue, Albemarle, NC 28001.
  6. Your application will be reviewed for completeness once it is received. The Fund’s Grant Committee will determine if you need to submit any additional documentation and will contact you. You will also be contacted with any questions the committee has about your situation.
  7. Once approved, payments will be sent directly to vendors.  Payments are made by check, sent through the U.S mail directly to each vendor (landlord, utility company, Mortgage Company, contractor, etc…). The Monarch Employee Care Fund may distribute up to $250 directly to the employee to provide short-term emergency assistance (lodging, clothing, food, etc.).
  8. You will be notified by email detailing the decision by the Monarch Employee Care Fund Grant Committee.
  9. Grants are limited to $1,500 per qualifying event.
  1. You must be a Monarch staff member who has been employed for at least 180 days (6 months) at the time of application and not have significant  disciplinary action pending.
  2. The qualifying incident (natural disaster, illness, injury, etc…) must have occurred while employed by Monarch and this incident must have caused a financial hardship.
  3. The qualifying incident (natural disaster, illness, injury, etc…) must have happened within 90 days of the time an application is submitted.
  4. Monarch employees may only receive one grant for assistance in any 12-month rolling period. (Example: if you receive a grant on May 1 of one year, you will be eligible for another grant on May 1 of the following year.) 
  5. Your situation MUST fall into one of the six categories below:
  • Natural Disaster:  For situations such as fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, severe storms or earthquake. The damage must be to associate’s primary residence. Rental properties (not occupied by associate) or vacation homes do not qualify.  The Fund cannot pay to repair property or improvements other than the primary residence, such as garages, storage buildings, lawn equipment or fencing, and cannot pay to replace non-essential items, such as electronics or furnishings.  Photographs, insurance reports or documentation will be required.
  • Serious Illness or Injury:  For the employee, spouse/partner or eligible dependent(s) as defined by federal law. The illness or injury to the associate, spouse/partner or other eligible dependent must be of such seriousness that it affects the ability to afford basic living needs. The Fund is not a substitute for medical insurance and will not pay for the cost of medical care. Employees do not automatically qualify for a grant when they, their spouse/partner or their dependent(s), are diagnosed with or suffer a life-threatening or serious illness or injury. There must be a resulting financial need including an inability to pay basic living expenses.  Doctor confirmation, medical documentation or insurance will be required.
  • Death Incident: This includes the death of the employee’s spouse/partner or eligible dependent(s) as defined by federal law. The cost of funeral expenses or medical bills must prevent an associate or the associate’s immediate family from affording basic living expenses and create a financial hardship. The Fund can pay associated travel, funeral, and burial expenses for a spouse/partner or eligible dependent. The employee’s name must be listed on the bill as the responsible party. If multiple family members are listed, then the Fund will consider a fraction of the bill to be paid to the funeral home. A copy of the death certificate or a published death notice/obituary will be required.
  • Catastrophic or Extreme Circumstances: This includes but is not limited to fire, major home damage (not due to natural disaster) that could not have been avoided, a serious crime against the associate or eligible dependents (such as robbery, arson, assault, domestic abuse, extreme vandalism, or another reportable crime), or other extreme circumstance that impacts the ability to afford basic needs. Depending on the circumstance, police, fire or other official incident report will be required.
  • Unforeseen Car Repairs: This includes major car repairs that prevent the associate from getting to and from work. This is only considered if this vehicle is the only source of transportation for the employee.  Normal car maintenance and wear and tear items (batteries, tires, etc.) will not be considered. Repair bills, estimates or other proof of costs will be required.
  • Other Sudden or Unforeseen Circumstances: Other sudden or unforeseen circumstances which cause financial hardship and jeopardize an employee’s ability to meet basic needs will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Documentation of the event and proof of associated costs are required. Please provide photos, invoices, bills, reports or other information to support the need.

All grants are made directly to vendors as bill payments; assistance funds are not sent directly to applicants. The Monarch Employee Care Fund may grant up to $250 directly to the employee to support short-term emergency needs (emergency shelter, food, clothing, etc.). That $250 will apply toward the $1,500 grant limit per qualifying event.

Grants are only paid as a only as a result of a Qualifying Event and will help pay for limited types of essential living expenses that otherwise would put the household at risk. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Housing, mortgage, or rent payments (for primary residence)
  • Home repairs (for primary residence)
  • Evacuation costs
  • Payment of essential household bills (such as utilities)
  • Food/clothing
  • Essential household items
  • Dependent care
  • Funeral, travel and burial expenses for spouse and eligible dependents as defined federal laws

Grants cannot be made to pay for other expenses or non-qualifying events such as:

  • On the job injuries
  • Medical expenses
  • Transportation (such as travel to and from medical treatments)
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost wages
  • Legal fees
  • Electronics and non-essential appliances/furnishings
  • Non-essential household utilities (e.g., internet, cable/satellite television, telephone, etc.)
  • Non-essential home repairs (e.g., landscaping, carports, fencing, etc.)
  • Items covered by insurance, insurance co-pays, premiums, or deductibles
  • Credit card debt or pay day loans
  • Private school or higher education tuition
  • Expenses associated with divorce or child custody settlements
  • Routine car maintenance or repairs
  • Funeral, travel, and burial expenses beyond the death of staff member’s spouse or eligible dependent.

Email your application to:

Fax to: (704) 986-5765

Mail to:

Monarch Employee Care Fund
Attn: Applications
350 Pee Dee Avenue, Suite 101
Albemarle, NC 28001